I'd like to introduce this page as our new platform for our monthly newsletters! All of our clients receive a hard copy of this newsletter in their mailbox, and if you'd like to join the mailing list please reach out to Michael or I at mspector@yourcastle.org or josh.spector@yourcastle.com

Our newsletters are filled with valuable information about the Denver real estate market; including trends, statistics, insights, and analysis from Michael, myself, and knowledgeable agents of Your Castle Real Estate. 

Here is a quick overview of the information in our newsletter:

  • Debbie and Michael downsized and moved to Denver, a decision they are loving
  • I (Josh) joined Michael's team, currently working as an administrative/marketing assistant
  • Interest rates are in the low 3's - Great time to buy or refinance
  • Monthly payments are more affordable due to lower interest rates
  • Inventory is high, giving buyers more selection to choose from when shopping for new homes